Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A New Beginning!!

 Well this is my first blog and I couldn't have started it at a better time. By the time you all read this I will be in my first G.E.D. class. I am doing this because it has been a long time since I have been in school and I need to refresh my memory of everything I have forgotten. I was homeschooled in Highschool and my mom became very sick and over the years has miss placed transcripts and credit. But all things happen for a reason. The main reason I am doing this is because since my kids have been old enough I have always told them to go to College and get a good Education. But in Life the best way of learning is for someone to set an example and show you the path you should take. Most people would be ashamed to have to do this at the age of 29 but I am in no way ashamed. Just think I have more support now than if I had done this earlier in life but my kids came first and will continue to come first. They will get to watch me learn and work hard to achive a goal that I had years ago. My husband is my ROCK. If not for him I would not be able to acomplish this goal. My husband had brain surgery 2 years ago and is now totally disabled and would go back to work today if the Neurologist would let him. But it has not been easy but God is the one that pulled us through but I feel this is the path I have prayed about for the last 2 years and just yesurday all this came about. For 2 years I have opened the door to this path I just never took the first step through the door I just kept letting it close back in my face. Now is the time I am 29 my husband Mike is 29 and our Children Aaron 11 come Friday, Hannah 9, Adam 5, and Lucas 20 months. They are very excited for me and has been extremely excited that I will be in school the same time they are. I mean how many kids can say I watched my mom work hard for her Highschool Diploma. I feel that telling my kids to go to College is no longer good enough, I feel I need to show them that anything you set your mind to you CAN DO IT!! They will see me work hard, have struggles and probably want to give up but Quitters never win. AND I CAN DO THIS. I have to cut it short gotta get the kids to school. I want to Say I love you all MIKE, AARON, HANNAH, ADAM, and LUCAS. And I want you to know the you all come first and the  Goals you set in Life are what you accomplish. I AM DOING THIS FOR YOU WITH MY GOALS IN THOUGHT. BUT WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.         CRYSTAL OUSLEY

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  1. You're setting an amazing example for your kids', they should be proud of their Momma!!